About Us

The RAFC Purpose

Our goal is to make flying available and affordable.  We also aspire to ensure safety by facilitating in-depth flight instruction and training for all our members.  With access to several experienced professional pilots and a newly acquired Cessna 172 Skyhawk, we are ready for flight.

Our Story

The RAFC has been in the planning stages since October of 2017, when a ragtag group of 3 local men and a Certified Flight Instructor gathered to discuss the viability of starting a flying Club.  With the backing of a local aviation investor, the Club was officially launched on December 3, 2018, and dues paying members are now flying on a regular basis.


Meet the Officers of the RAFC

Steve Henderson - President-web

Steve Henderson

President & Founder

Jessica Jennings_Aircraft Maintenance Officer - web

Jessica Jennings

Aircraft Maintenance Officer

Paul Schumi - Manager - web2

Paul Schumi

Secretary/Treasurer & Founder

Paul Schumi - Pilot Anchorage Airport - Flying flight_300w

Paul Schumi

Owner & Founder

Meet the Owner

The Reedsburg Area Flying Club is a project that requires expert leadership to develop the business plan, processes and group structure to be sustainable and viable for many years to come.  To that end, investor and aviation enthusiast Paul Schumi is leading the local effort with financial resources and 25 years of business startup experience.  Under his stewardship the RAFC LLC is now fully underway, with dues paying members and a management structure to ensure the Club's long-term success.

Mr. Schumi's aviation firm, RPM Aero LLC, buys, sells and leases aircraft, including the RAFC's Cessna 172 Skyhawk, which is the #1 training plane in the world, and perfect for flying clubs.  His goal is to make high quality aircraft available and affordable for local flyers.  His passion for enabling others to realize the freedom of flight and creating lucrative aviation career opportunities for young local aviators, is incomparable.

Mr. Schumi is an aviation investor and adventurer who has been active in pilot training since 2008.  He is a graduate of Marquette University, Sales Director for Suez North America, and a seasonal resident of La Valle, WI.

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