You Can Fly!

The Reedsburg Area Flying Club in Reedsburg, Wisconsin makes flying available and affordable.  Our non-profit, social Club has a newly acquired four-seat, Cessna 172 Skyhawk for our members exclusive use!

Make 2023 the best year ever.  Become a 'Top Gun' and fly today with the Reedsburg Area Flying Club (RAFC)!

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Instrument Flying

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) allow a properly equipped aircraft to be flown under instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) by an instrument rated pilot.  Instrument training is a natural next step after a pilot becomes licensed to fly.

Our Club aircraft are all IFR certified.

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Flying Friends

The flying friends of the RAFC meet on a regular basis to share in the experience and fun of aviation.

Whether flying together, attending a safety seminar, or reviewing flight training, we enjoy the freedom of flight.

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Our Mission

Reedsburg Municipal Airport (C35)

The Reedsburg Area Flying Club is thrilled to call the Reedsburg Municipal Airport (C35) home.  The Club has a private, secured hangar for Members exclusive use and we host social events on a monthly basis throughout the year, inviting other hangar owners, pilots and C35 staff to attend.

This is a great airfield to fly-in, and also has these great features:

  • New main terminal building
  • Freshly restriped main and auxiliary runways
  • Plenty of tie-down locations and overnight hangar options
  • Fuel services (100LL and Jet-A) & courtesy car
  • Walk to 10 restaurants, grocery, 3 hotels and hardware store
  • Plus, top flight airport management

If you have ever considered plane ownership, flight training or great year-round flying, you have come to the right place.  Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you make it a great day by taking to the skies with flying friends, like the RAFC.


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